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5 Step Programs

5-Step Lawn Programs

To ensure that your lawn thrives all season long, Lawn Tech's 5-Step Lawn Care Programs deliver the fertilizers, weed controls, and specialty herbicides your lawn needs through 5 timely visits. 

If your lawn needs something specific, our technicians will make recommendations to you -  and you can decide on any further treatments.  With Lawn Tech Lawn Cares 5-Step Programs, you can be confident of great results!

The 5 Steps
1 Early Spring Quickly "green" the lawn after Winter - inhibit crabgrass and broadleaf weed growth before they emerge
2 Late Spring Strengthen the turf - inhibit dandelions and other broadleaf weeds - inspect for insect/grub activity
3 Summer Maximize protection during the Summer stress/drought period - further eliminate/control summer weeds and diseases
4 Early Fall Provide important nutrients for the Fall growing season - eliminate/control late season weeds and diseases
5 Late Fall Prepare lawn for Winter - ensuring it will "green up" quickly and be healthy for the following Spring !

Lawn Tech guarantees your lawn will look better and be healthier as a result of our 5-Step Lawn Program.  Contact us today at 413.783.2510 or for a FREE, no obligation lawn care estimate.